At LEEKA, we design and manufacture the highest quality hinges, latches, handles, draw latches, sealing and other hardware for a wide range of industries, including electronic enclosure, transportation (buses, emergency vehicles and RVs), HVAC, crating, medical, commercial kitchen and marine sectors.

Electrical Cabinets & Enclosures Electrical Cabinets & Enclosures: LEEKA designed for LV panel board, MV panel, HV panel board, Control Cabinet, Frequency conversion cabinet, Battery cabinet/Enclosure, Wind power, PLC control cabinet, UPS cabinet, etc.
Railway Railway: LEEKA products include Metro hardware, Train, Rail, etc.
IT & Network Enclosure IT & Network Enclosure: LEEKA are commonly used in Networking Cabinet/Enclosure and Modular data center, Cold aisle containment.
Transportation Transportation: LEEKA products are specialized in Automotive, Trucks, Buses, Emergency vehicles, RVs, Aerospace, Electric vehicle and Marine, etc.
Industrial Machine Equipment Industrial Machine Equipment: LEEKA designed for Textile machinery, Generator set, Generator unit, Power unit, Charging posts, Laser Machine, Machine Tools, HVAC, Sheet-metal working, LED display.
ATM & Vending Machine ATM & Vending Machine: LEEKA are commonly used in Server Cabinet/Enclosure, Telecom Cabinet, Optical fiber Cabinet, Electronic Cabinet and Outdoor Cabinet.
Compressors Generators
Compressors-generators: Air Compressor
Food Industry Equipment Food Industry Equipment: LEEKA products include Vending machine hardware and Food Equipment hardware.