Draw Latch, Draw Hasp, Draw Pull Latch

Latches are used to keep doors, panels, and general surfaces closed. They're often under-appreciated and extremely useful, both for at-home and industrial uses.
You did think it would be simple to pick a draw latch. But there are a ton of types out there for specific circumstances. With so many types, it is easy to get confused.

We have put together this general guide to help you understand what they are.

What Are Draw Latches?

Simply put, a draw latch pulls two sides of a surface together in a closing action. This ensures that the surfaces stay firmly closed together. Why would one need such a mechanism? Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a favorite for a number of applications. For example, use latches for:

  • Garden equipment
  • Door lockst
  • HVAC systems
  • Exhibits
  • Signs
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Trucks

If you use a latch for your door, you will ensure that the door locks securely. This is great when you need added security.
This goes for applications across industries. Moreover, simply add to any type of surface or machinery. It's versatile and you can add it with little effort.

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