Industrial Cabinet Hinges, Hardware Hinges

LEEKA Industrial Co.Ltd., is a hinge, lock, handle, and gasketing hardware supplier that produces a range of hinge types to suit every customer's needs. The products supplied by LEEKA are suitable for electrical cabinets and enclosures, industrial machine equipment, vending machines, transportation equipment, food industry equipment, and more.

In order to cater to the specific needs of each customer, LEEKA also offers clients the opportunity to choose their own hinge material and fully customized their product. The available materials include stainless steel, zinc alloy, nylon fiberglass, aluminum alloy, and steel. Once finished, the surface can also be chrome-plated or painted black.
When ordering your hinge hardware, OEM and ODM customization requirements are acceptable depending on your needs. Each of the hinge products sold by LEEKA is differentiated by size, and according to load and installation specifications. The hinges also have a strength and anti-corrosion guarantee, and anti-theft and anti-damage functions. Available hinges include screw-on hinges, lift-off hinges, external hinges, and concealed hinges.