Model: E-1507
Intelligent Lock

The E-1507 series intelligent lock is suitable for data center, which can solve the problem of authority management and data asset security.
In addition, the intelligent lock can be controlled remotely and the temperature and humidity of cabinet can be remotely collected.
The access ways can be obtained through mechanical key, password, card, fingerprint, Bluetooth, remote management platform and mobile APP.
It can be used on a stand-alone basis, independently on a network, or connected to a carrier's network.

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System Architecture

  1. Cabinet intelligent locks can implement functions such as diversified access ways, user authority management, query of lock operation records, and intelligent management of lock tasks.
  2. Adopt modular design, no special control unit and readers, integrated with password button, card readers, Bluetooth communication modules, fingerprint identification modules, RS485 communication modules.
  3. Driven by high reliability motor and adopted high stability hardware design to guarantee the stability and reliability of the product.
  4. High versatility of the cabinet. The lock is suitable for APC, Emerson, Vertiv, Eaton, Toten, Panduit, CPI and etc.
  5. The electronic lock can connect various intelligent PDU or control unit for remote.