Are you looking for reliable compression latches and hardware hinges and handles? LEEKA Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to locks, latches, and hinges. We also provide gaskets, clamps, slides, and castors. When looking for access hardware, it is essential to find a reputable manufacturer that can guarantee premium quality products. LEEKA focuses on using steep manufacturing standards and working with clients independently to meet their needs. Whether you need a standard electronic lock or unique slide handles, we have what it takes to provide custom hardware according to your specifications:

Top-quality manufacturing

Quality is a crucial aspect of reviewing when looking for locks, hinges, latches, and handles. At LEEKA Industrial Co., Ltd., we prioritize product and service quality to ensure our clients get reliable products for their applications. We are experts in various manufacturing processes, including AI die casting, plastic injection, CNC turning and milling, surface treatment, powder, and chrome plating. You can trust our products to meet your requirements and clients have the freedom to choose from different raw materials and processes.

Quick turnover

If you are on a tight deadline, it is vital to work with manufacturers that can guarantee speedy turnover without compromising the final product's quality. LEEKA has many years of experience and a well-maintained facility to ensure quick production of custom access hardware. Once you decide to hire us, we will schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and get straight to work. Our team will also provide a production schedule and keep you in the loop throughout the manufacturing process to ensure we manufacture the right product.

Custom access hardware

There are many designs for access hardware, and LEEKA can manufacture custom products for your equipment. You can browse the extensive list of locks and access hardware to compare models or send us your custom specifications. Our team is skilled in access hardware manufacturing and can provide any standard or contemporary designs with ease. We have manufactured hardware for different applications, including industrial machine equipment, IT and networking enclosure, ATMs, and vending machines. We also serve the food and transportation industries.

Wide range of hardware

We specialize in manufacturing electronic locks and other hardware. Our facility can also produce custom clamps, slides, and accessories. The machining and tooling options allow us to create all kinds of electronic locks, hinges, and latches. Our catalog includes two main hardware categories as follows:

  • Locks - Includes electronic locks, swing handle locks, compression latches, over-center draw latches, handle locks, quarter turn locks, panel locks and airtightness handles.
  • Hinges – Comprises a myriad of exterior hinge designs, concealed hinges, lift-off hinges and screw-on torque hinges, among others.

In addition to locks and hinges, LEEKA manufactures custom gasketing, leveling/castors, slides, clamps, cover stay, draw latches and handles.

Experienced lock, hinge, and handle manufacturer

Experience is crucial in hardware manufacture. LEEKA is a credible licensed and insured electronic lock manufacturer you can trust whenever you need high-quality custom products. We have been in the industry for many years and pride in meeting client requirements. We also hire skilled personnel and have a streamlined service delivery. Professionalism is core to our company, and we rely on happy clients to bring us more business.

Locks, handles and hinges are integral components with defined specifications. As such, it is important to work with trusted manufacturers that can provide safe and reliable quality that meet the intended applications. Contact LEEKA Industrial for more information about custom access hardware or browse our products to order one today.